Monday, March 6, 2017

Emma's First Birthday

On Sunday we celebrated Emma's first birthday (on the actual day, so nice it fell on a weekend)! It was great. It was pretty relaxed, we had a fun day of playing with balloons, running amok in the house, and preparing for family to come over for spaghetti and cake that evening. 

Opening a few presents early in the morning: Books, pop up toys, pull crocodiles and such. Sister was a great help, of course!

Appreciating new music shakers

Getting in some Nana birthday snuggles!

We were so grateful that we got to have Papa Vic over! He is in a new home now, and we were all so happy that he was able to come and celebrate. I knew it meant a lot to everybody.
Moe, excited that he believes he finally has control of the keys. We didn't have the heart to tell him they weren't real. He was super stoked about him. (Look at the plan in that face...)

Omi and Papa Vic!

Auntie Amy, I don't think that's the right way up for people? Norah looks highly dissatisfied, of course.

Getting some cousin Brian snuggles. His girlfriend and him are moving to LA in a few weeks; it was great to get him over!

Papa Dude with his mom, Great Grandma!

'Yeeeeeeeah mom didn't listen to Pinterest and actually baked me a real cake!'

'Meh. Are there any more scrambled eggs?'
 Overall, it was a wonderful day. Norah did great sharing the spotlight, and Emma didn't have any memorable meltdowns. I was so happy to have everyone over and celebrate! (How the heck is our tiny baby already a year?!??!?!?!)

Also, I'm reflecting back. I've blogged once a week for two pregnancies, and monthly for a year each for two babies. I promise to continue to blog-- this is my photo album and journal of sorts, after all-- just seems really strange to not have a monthly commitment of some sort!! Perhaps I will post a new challenge to myself... :)

Emma: Twelve Months!

Size/Weight: 23 pounds, 31 inches I believe??

Sleep: Still... once a night waking up. She's been up a bit earlier too; which means my workdays have been a bit screwed up! Aaaaah well, you're only one once! 

Social: Oh my, has this been a fun month. She has blossomed into a full blown shy goofball. She loves playing coy, but also loves connecting with people-- across the dinner table, by touching beards (we have many bearded friends around), and so on. She loves cracking a big ol' grin at you then turning her head away shyly. She also loves telling long involved 'stories' if she's relaxed enough.

Diet: She's been the same as before, although now all restrictions are off! We've been slowly introducing all the things-- starting with MILK (the whole-fat variety) as well as other dairy-- the girl loves cheese! I've been excited to get her on to full-blown table foods (within reason). I hope to try my best not to create another picky eater :) (I started mixing whole milk in with her formula on her birthday; already the day after she drinks straight milk just fine. So weird to think that bottles are soon out of my life?!)

Clothes: 24 months! That seems to be the last glorious size when newborn chunkiness is allowed. Once you jump in to the T's, they expect you've lost your diaper tush and start 'stretching out' (and I thought shopping for jeans was hard myself!) and nothing fits. This is the time when Norah wore nothing but her 'fat pants' because nothing else fit. Good thing for Emma, she has all her big sister's pants if she needs them! (Emma can fit up to 3T depending on the style, as can Norah... it's been fun moving things out of Norah's closet and right in to Emmas!)

Likes: Saying 'hi!!!!' to dad and I, scuttle-crawling after us all (especially sister), telling us stories, eating eggs, dancing (especially to beatbelle and when Norah is dancing too), running all over the house holding on to your hands, waking you up in the morning (with help from one of us) by being held-walked up to your face and joy-screaming while blowing you screamy baby kisses.

Dislikes: There's a love-hate relationship with the changing table again, as well as a very firm line in the sand when you stop her from doing something fun (I'M NOT DONE!!)

Milestones: Movement!! All things solved since last month. She can finally navigate the world. Sit up from laying down (which has been fun at night, haha) a modified crawl which still barrels her all over the house, pulling up (relatively-- she's not really interested in crawling, but she can if she wants to) and everything else. I'm betting walking will come towards the end of last month? She seems super motivated now that she's tasted freedom (and has realized she can kind of sort of play with sister better when she can get around!)

Norah update?: 

I'm still impressed at how well she's been doing as a big sister. Not every day is perfect, but it's still so cool seeing how they interact, and how protective she is of Emma. (EMMA DON'T EAT THE FUZZ!) Granted Emma is starting to have more opinions on sharing now-- at least she seems to have the pieces together to start on the right foot. Preschool has been hard. Her teachers tell me that she's absolutely wonderful in class, but she's never had a day yet where she's excited to go. (This morning I left her in tears... breaks my heart.) I know it's hard for her, but I know she needs it. (And the more I talk to people, it seems to be a three-year old thing). Still... it's a rough journey. We've been having a lot of lessons about how to deal with things that come along in life; and how to have tools to handle it. Although throughout these discussions, I'm pretty sure she has been most focused on which My Little Pony she'd like next (because three years old). Either way, I'm trying to enjoy the ride. I can't believe how fast time has gone with both the girls. This is NUTS. I love them so, so much. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Emma: Eleven Months!

Size/Weight: I weighed her on my scale with a diaper and clothes on, and it said 24 pounds... I'm guessing realistically she's more in the 21-22 pound mark??

Sleep: Kind of similar to last month?? Still up once a night; right at the end of the month she had two teeth pop through so that lead to two nights or so of an extra wake up, but understandably!

Social: She is still equal parts goofy and shy to folks! She loves dancing when she hears music, with a big ol' happy song herself. 

Diet: Still formula and all the salt-free foods. It was so weird, doc told us this time around no egg whites, dairy (at all) or grains until one year... (it was eight months with Norah)... so we are quickly approaching the time when eating is a whole lot more fun; I'm still very anti-salt with the little bean, so she's been having everything she's allowed to (before it's been tastily salted and seasoned though, of course!)

Clothes: 18 months are just starting to turn in to belly shirts; 24 month clothes are fitting quite well! (And, cloth diaper booty makes any number of large pants fit well!)

Likes: Still her sister, DA! (dad!), holding my arm when I'm changing her, all our friends and family, and especially MUSIC! If Norah had a love for her purple block, Emma has a love for music-- and making music. She bangs together anything she can, and loves dancing as soon as she catches a tune with a beat.

Dislikes: Getting put down when she'd rather be held (again, Mom-taxi), when Norah corrects her book reading (I WASN'T DONE WITH CHEWING ON THAT PAGE), when you take floor fuzz and random papers away from her.

Milestones: Teeth are finally here! Bottom two showed up nearly at the same time. First her left, then her right. She's getting much sturdier, but isn't pulling up yet, or even sitting up from laying down from that matter. This month she's gotten much stronger though, I'd imagine it's coming soon!

Norah update?: 
Preschool is hot and cold, but it's really helping her out! (Mornings are nearly always a bit rough when we get ready for school--she says she's nervous-- but she almost always has fun when we go. She's made a few friends, which makes it much funner. I think she was a bit intimidated by everyone in the beginning.) She really had a fantastic month this month. She's been very polite, helpful, and as always, a fabulous big sister. She loves crawling in to Emma's crib and playing with her. Also this month?? The crib wall (finally!) went away and converted her bed into a toddler bed, and Dabo is GONE! I thought it would never happen! We went to the Tacoma Children's Museum to celebrate.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A little late Christmas post

Wow. Christmas! Here and gone already, but we had a bit of a crazy season this year. Throughout all the sicknesses and things breaking down on us, we still pulled together a pretty happy Christmas. Emma's first, after all! Behold, the Christmas Eve matching pajama photo (as shown this year in donuts):

I still can't really get over how stinkin' beautiful my girls are. And happy (most of the time!), too! Alright alright, so quite a bit spirited in there too... but what's life without a bit of spice?

We went a bit overboard with presents this year, as did Santa. I think next year we will be a bit more subdued :) (There's no way to fully appreciate too many things when you're a bit too little! Especially when some of the biggest hits were a talking bird and a jelly shark)

It wouldn't be Christmas around here either without a bit of nerdiness... this year exhibited by a replica A New Hope Darth Vader mask for the husband.

We rang in the new year with a few close friends, and lots of good food and drinkies! Bring it on 2017!!!

Emma: Ten Months!

Size/Weight: Who the heck knows! She seems extra large these days, but it's just a feeling. Ask my sore arms!

Sleep: Dare I say it? This month was better than the last. At least, a bit more normal! I still do a lot of praying when I wake up to work in the morning (pleeeeeease stay asleep... pleeeeease stay asleep...) but it's been a lot more regular these days. Up at 7:30am, down at 9:30, up at 11, down at 1:30, up at 3, down at 8pm, up once between 12 and 4, and hopefully that's it. Sometimes she wakes up one extra time when I am supposed to be waking up at 5am for work (and I clock in late. Blerg.) But honestly, I'm super happy for the regularity. I have to do weird things to get her to sleep sometimes (her new favorite is me making weird popping mouth noises in her ear when she holds my finger, that seems to do the trick... it makes her laugh, then she falls asleep) There's been a lot less hair pulling out and punching in the eyeball lately! 

Social: Stranger danger as officially taken in to effect, but she's a bit of a goofball once she gets used to people. She loves catching eyes with people then busting out into smiley fits. She also likes to show her displeasure by making grandpa face, as demonstrated below.

Diet: Formula, and all the protein! She's had a full happy belly lately. Some of her favorite foods are egg yolks, chicken, rice cereal (by the bowl) and grapes. She still makes the funniest faces at fruits, of all things!

Clothes: 18 months still fit well, starting to reach in to the 24 month clothes (I like being a step up; baby pants tend to pull in to their poor little crotches and it's nice to have pants that are long enough!)

Likes: Her sister (who can always make her laugh!), my hair, when you make dramatic, serious faces at her in a surprising way (no clue how to describe that, I make weird faces around here), her BeatBelle (I sing freeze dance in my sleep now), pretending to walk and attack her sister, Walter, so many other things!

Dislikes: Getting changed (I am continually amazed at how difficult it is to get her to lay still. Some tactics I use to distract her are having two toys to bang together, or the ABC song seems to work well), when she's had enough of something (she turns her rage face on), being put down when she'd rather use me as mom-taxi, when you try and get one extra spoon full of food in to her when she's had enough (she will go all kung foo on you and bat bat the heck out of your loaded spoon)

Milestones: Clapping, waving goodbye with a purpose, trying like heck to pretend she can crawl (although it looks like she's still a ways off!) No teeth in sight, I'm so happy she's taking her time with things. This part goes so fast!!

Norah update?
  • She started preschool this week!! She's gone two days so far, and has done amazing. I'm so proud of her. This is the first time she's been anywhere without family... which is a big deal! I watched from the observation room yesterday, but went home today with Emma. It's nuts. Hard on me, but I know it's good for her to be a bit more independent as well.
  • This has been a pretty great month. She's been so, so sweet and snugly. She picked up a few naps here and there last week, but has mainly done without. It's been odd! But she's my great helper when Emma goes to sleep. 
  • "This song [Of Monsters and Men song] makes me feel like I'm in love."
  • She's also been the sweetest big sister. My favorite is when Emma will tell her stories (she's very adamant), Norah will translate for me. "Mom, she doesn't want that toy, she wants her strawberry." "She really wants you to stop doing that and get me some strawberry cereal."

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Emma: Nine Months!

Size/Weight: 20 lbs (50-75th percentile), 29.25" long (90th percentile), 44cm head (above 95 percentile). So she's back on the charts! (Holy cow, do I finally have a normal-ish sized child?! I think I do! At six months she was so off the chart in height the doctor wasn't quite sure how to describe her, haha! 

Sleep: Aaaaaah, eight months. Eighth month sleep!! Kind of like last month again (still up, still fussy sometimes and not others, goes to bed like a champ, or not). But we came to a few realizations this month that made the end of the month easier tan the first half. Mainly, food. The more solids she eats, the less milk she drinks. My boobs are apparently offended by this; because they've been producing less. (Because who wants milk when there's chicken. You know.) So by the end of the day, I've got nothing. Which isn't great for hungry tummies. Which isn't great for sleeping. Hence the supplementation with formula. More milk = happier tummy before bed = happier baby in theory. I can tell a better habit is starting to be produced; but I'm not calling it until it's more than a night here or there. 

Social: Still a lot like last month. She's starting waving though, which is stinkin' precious. I love it so much!!

Diet: Like mentioned; supply is down, formula is in. She's finally taking it like a champ, and what started out like a supplement is moving towards nurse whenever I can, then follow up with a bottle whenever she's hungry (which is every time minus the first nurse of the day). This part is hard. It was much harder with Norah (with whom I had a huge hormone fallout after the milk was running dry), but it's still making me a bit sentimental-- number one priority is happy healthy baby with a full tummy; mom will do what I can then try and get over the rest. But this is our last baby, and I'm still mourning the last times I'll get to have that bond with her, you know?

Clothes: Happily in 18 month clothes

Likes: 'Surprise' games (she will reach out and touch my face, and I will react with a little noise and surprise her fast-- hard to explain; but it's pretty precious; Norah gets in on it too), when Norah makes her laugh (which is a lot these days!), eating, being snuck up on/funny face time, DAD (her favorite is when I'm holding her and she sees dad after not seeing him for awhile-- she has her certain way of greeting him that's pretty precious. She lights up!

Dislikes: Being set down when she'd rather you carry her, her changing table (which is odd because that's also one of her favorite places to be played with?) diaper changes (she's mastering the crocodile roll; I've mastered jiu jitsu with one arm only on an infant) peaches (she makes the sour 'no' face)

Milestones: Waving has been a fun one, and mobility has picked up a bit! She now flips like a fancy pancake, and has fun waving people down to stare in to their souls or tell them stories. I love it. If the sleep was perfect, this would be one of my favorite stages. (And it technically fell in 'ten month', but she had her first snow this week!! She loved it!)

Norah update?: I'm going to start putting Norah things in bullets:
  • This girl is a riot. She has been making up stories that range from the bizarre to the absolutely precious. My favorites are the ones she makes up on the potty when she's having 'personal time'. I need to start a bathroom book.
  • There are good days and bad days. And I mean really good. And really bad. But it's okay. I try to log the good so the bad ones are bearable. And loving your kids more than anything else on the planet helps too; I just really wish they came with their own personal instruction manuals.
  • Norah's thoughts on the snow: "My heart has a little mouth, and it's smiling because it's happy." 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Emma: Eight Months

Size/Weight: 18 month clothes, and looking pretty lengthy! No clue how much she weighs...

Sleep: Well, I hate to report that she's still a baby. Ha! But really, it's pretty in line with all of baby-dom. She's usually up between 1-2 times a night; and either goes back to sleep quickly-- or not. She either goes to bed like a champ with no problems at all, or if she accidentally falls asleep after 6pm for even a few minutes, she's up until 11. She's a pretty great napper though, which has been great-- I'm really trying hard to soak up the cuddles while she's willing to give them. Now only if she wouldn't freak out, jump out of my arms and try and pull my hair out if she doesn't want to sleep :) 

Social: A bit of stranger danger has picked up, but so has her sense of adorable. She's so darn giggly, happy, and generally precious. She will look at you and 'sing a little'-- she will make little happy chirps at you while smiling her face off. It really melts my heart. She's so chatty these days as well! She communicates with dad through 'head bops'-- she will tilt her head far to the side, wait for dad to do it, then go the other way. Quite cute!

Diet: Thought my milk supply backup was going to be fine... but now I'm running out again. I'm going to try and see if she will take formula again at night if she's having trouble sleeping; my feeble backup milk in the freezer won't get us to a year if we have to ride on it. Food, however, is going amazing-- she eats anything I put in front of her, and seems to love all of it. I would say fruit is her least favorite, but even that's getting much better.

Clothes: snug in 12 month, comfortably moving to 18 month, although the legs are all a bit long!

Likes: When Norah makes her laugh (she will jump for her, sing to her, and they cuddle every morning in Norah's bed which lights emma's whole face up), 'singing' chirps to people, patting Walter, staying up late to party after hours with Mom and Dad :) 

Dislikes: When you try to make her sleep when it's not in her plans. NEIGH NEIGH NEIGH she will tell you. 

Milestones: pincer grasp! She can now grab all the tiny things. Which means living with a toddler is now that much more terrifying. EMMA DON'T GRAB THAT.

Norah update?: this month really has been a cute one. Norah, for the most part, has had a really great month (not all day every day, but we've had some great moments). I can't entirely explain it. She's becoming more thoughtful, well-spoken, and polite. She's seeming to grasp that when she does things that hurt, she's immediately apologetic. The only thing that hasn't been clicking this month is the whole listening the first time-- she will ask you the same question in a row 9-10 times in a row... which means she's three, right?!